The urban style


Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s perfectly illustrate the beginnings of urban woman of yesterday.

The Urban woman is that emancipated woman who was able over the years to win her status, she puts her career mostly in the center or at least let it shine through. Very structured, she seeks to impose by her style and be respected, knowingly remaining very feminine.

Trendy, connected, forward-thinking and self-control, she knows perfectly enter in the codes of contemporary society and thwart.

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Today the style evolves, more casual, she mixes Urban chic and Urban street with ease, a detail, an accessory such as a cap or flashy sneakers with a blazer coat. The classic jean and jacket remains a timeless basic of this style.

Tip to carry Natacha AUDIER jewelry on Urban Woman :

A pair of jeans and a bag siglé Vuitton or Hermes. At the border of preppy, Urban chic ignores traditions, while keeping a little something retro that makes the difference. A lost elegance, sophisticated, glamorous but never bling bling. Both timeless and quite sober, the Urban Chic sneaks in clothes with simple lines, which enhance her urban identity. Black hat and classic trench covering a brand t-shirt, round sunglasses, or imposing, high heels or bootslace.

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