The romantic Style


Appeared in the late eighteenth century, spreading throughout Europe during the nineteenth century until the 1850s, the romantic woman is looking to explore all possibilities of art to express her feelings : it is thus a reaction of feeling against reason, exalting mystery and fantastic and seeking escape and delight in the dream, the morbid and the sublime, the exotic and the past.

Marilyn Monroe for example perfectly illustrates the dramatic romanticism of the twentieth century and more recently Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson (creative romantic), Eva Mendes, Liv Tyler.

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The romantic woman is a feminine woman, delicate, poetic and nostalgic, she is an eternal lover …

To bring the “must” of delicacy to her outfits, romantic woman prefers charm jewelry, delicate, fluid and full of poetry, such as handmade jewelry, decorated with precious stones and silver, sleek and sophisticated, telling a story.

Tips to carry Natacha Audier jewelry on Romantic Women :

Solid colors or floral patterns, long skirts, big necklines, thin and transparent materials … rounded shapes. Lace tops, pleated, draped, chiffon, silk … light or dark jeans … printed pants, fluids, with accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, pears bags or oversized with soft fabrics, or small vintage pockets. Strong pieces that contrast with the delicacy of jewelry.

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