blue necklace to tie Etrier


Long blue necklace to tie Etrier in lapis lazuli, crystal cracked rock and sterling silver on suede.

To be wrapped once around the neck or be worn casually as a belt over a dress or pants

for a trendy look.


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This long blue necklace to tie Etrier in suedine fabric consisting of a silver plated bracket at each end adorned with silver plated feather and heart, a cotton pompon, 4mm and 10mm of lapis lazuli beads, a 6mm pearl crystal cracked rock and two silver plated washers. It can also be wrapped once around the neck or be worn casually as a belt over a dress or pants.

Length of the blue necklace to tie Etrier : 120 cm


Meaning of the stones on this blue necklace to tie Etrier

The Sumerian associated the blue of lapis lazuli to the celeste vault making the “stone of stone” a godsend and made it a cult.

Symbol of happiness and harmony, stone of love and friendship, the Lapis Lazuli creates around its owner an aura of tenderness and sympathy.

It helps us to better assimilate our repressions. It removes our sorrows, our anxieties and blockages in the field of emotions.

Lapis Lazuli fight against hair loss and gives healthy hair. It relieves fever, headaches, ear pain and depression.

It stimulates the action of the lungs and eyes.

It is particularly recommended for all nervous people on witch it has a very effective calming action.

It provides good sleep and develops intuition.

Crystal rock is a stone with powerful energy, it provides seamless protection and deeply revitalizes. Both sweet and powerful,
it protects against diseases and harmful energies.

It is a fabulous stone for telepathy work. It can be used with all colored stones because it can adorn their properties.
Very effective for the glands and thyroid in particular, it also heals any problems with the digestive system.

Beneficial to the eyes, heart, lymph, circulation, lungs, it also calms the nervous system.


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