Red adjustable necklace far away


Adjustable necklace made of a thin 925 sterling silver chain, attached on one side by a stem of 4mm coral and crystal rock beads with hematite washers to a silver ring with a silver leaf and a cotton pompon and on the other side by a pendant made of a 8mm and 4mm coral pearls, a 4mm crystal rock pearl and silver plated washers.

Variable Length approx 28cm.

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Meaning of the stones

Coral is a sacred stone for Tibetan and is one of seven jewels in the Sino-Japanese Buddhism.

Red coral is effective for disorders of blood circulation, it compensates for deficiencies in red and white blood cells, thus helping

to fight against anemia.

It is effective for cholesterol, weight problems or fertility. It also strengthens the heart and resolves warts.

The coral provides stability, opens to the love and dedication.

It develops intuition, gives energy, support and joy.


Crystal rock is a stone with powerful energy, it provides seamless protection and deeply revitalizes. Both sweet and powerful,

it protects against diseases and harmful energies.

It is a fabulous stone for telepathy work. It can be used with all colored stones because it can adorn their properties.

Very effective for the glands and thyroid in particular, it also heals any problems related with the digestive system.

Beneficial to the eyes, heart, lymph, circulation, lungs, it also calms the nervous system.


Hematite helps to be in tune with yourself and identify what is wrong. It helps us to develop our patience.

Effective for varicose veins and for all circulatory disorders, it promotes healing and stimulates the rebuilding of the blood and cells.

It strengthens the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys.

Hematite has requinquants and stress medication effects. It soothes, relaxes, purifies and energizes.


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