As an introduction to the meaning of the stones it is useful to know what lithotherapy is.

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine which seeks to treat through crystals (precious or semiprecious stones). Man is made of vibrations like the world around us, thus it considers that the crystals naturally emit a singular “resonance” or “vibration” capable of improving the well-being of a person in contact with or near. It can be worn, used as an elixir or simply arranged as decorative object.

For some lithotherapist, sensitivity we have with minerals and stones is related to the presence of these minerals in the human body, for example, magnetite located in the inner ear and brain that regulate the balance and sense of direction. Silicon dioxide (quartz) that are in every cell of the body. Iron, magnesium, potassium and other minerals in the human body makes a huge transceiver sensitive to the presence of all the minerals present around him. Remember that the operation of all our machines are based on the work of silicon compounds microprocessors (quartz). These lithotherapist see in this presence of minerals in us the source of our natural attraction with minerals.

Source: Wikipedia

Thus lithotherapy can help you on many physical and psychological problems as it acts on three levels : physical, mental and spiritual.

Meaning of the stones

AgateAgate : Agate has generally beneficial and soothing effects on the environment. It reduces seizures and somnambulism. It is effective for headaches, body aches, cramps and back pain. By strengthening the lungs, stomach, liver, it promotes digestion and promotes speech.

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It also treats poisoning of all kinds such as digestive disorders and will also help to quit smoking. The white agate reduces sensitivity to seasonal changes and helps the skin to remain healthy and smooth.

AmazoniteAmazonite : The amazonite is a soothing stone and a very effective painkiller which eases muscle tension and promotes sleep rhythm. It makes you joyful and attracts friendship by driving out negative thoughts and helping people with depression. It aligns the physical, etheric and astral body.

AméthysteAmethyst : Amethyst is particularly known for its beneficial effects on the psychological level, it thus promotes inner peace and meditation. It is a powerful spiritual stone that cleanses the Aura and brings Wellness and Harmony by transforming the negative into a positive.

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It also has the reputation to calm anxieties and stress, fight migraines and hypertension, fight insomnia and help those who suffer from alcoholism.

Aventurine verteGreen Aventurine : This is a very soft stone that is suitable for all skin problems related to nervousness like eczema, allergies and acne. It also prevents hair loss and the proliferation of dandruff and rebalances the functions of the liver and gallbladder.

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It strengthens self control, brings an inner peace and dissolves melancholy. It balances our feelings and calm the emotions of the heart and excessive anger.

Aventurine rougeRed Aventurine : The Red Aventurine has similar properties to those of carnelian, it balances especially yin yang energies and strengthens energy of the reproductive organs.

CalcédoineChalcedony : It is the stone of singers and speakers as it facilitates public speaking. It is particularly suitable for the affections of the throat and larynx, it reduces hoarseness. It is extraordinary to restore the voice extinctions.

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It is a great help for menopause-related problems because it regulates hormonal disorders such as hot flashes. It soothes the sorrows and eliminates the anxiety and uncertainty.

CorailCoral : Coral is a sacred stone for Tibetan and is one of seven jewels in the Sino-Japanese Buddhism. Red coral is effective for disorders of blood circulation, it compensates for deficiencies in red and white blood cells, thus helping to fight against anemia.

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It is effective for cholesterol, weight problems or fertility. It also strengthens the heart and resolves warts. The coral provides stability, opens to the love and dedication. It develops intuition, gives energy, support and joy.

CornalineCarnelian : Carnelian is a rare stone that stimulates the taste for life and entrepreneurship, it is particularly suited to women because it strengthens the reproductive system and acts on the pain of the abdomen and problems related to the tubes. It is the stone of procreation.

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Useful for concentration, it will focus your attention and drive out nightmares and all the bad astral influences.

Cristal de roche

Cristal rock : Crystal rock is a stone with powerful energy, it provides seamless protection and deeply revitalizes. Both sweet and powerful, it protects against diseases and harmful energies. It is a fabulous stone for telepathy work.

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It can be used with all colored stones because it can adorn their properties. Very effective for the glands and thyroid in particular, it also heals any problems related with the digestive system. Beneficial to the eyes, heart, lymph, circulation, lungs, it also calms the nervous system.

Fluorite Fluorite : By its fluorine content, fluorite has a great influence on the bones and teeth but also because it facilitates wounds healing and regeneration of bone tissue. It promotes the assimilation of minerals and oligo-elements which are absorbed by food.

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It is the stone of scientists and researchers, it helps concentration and reflection, heightens intuition and creative inspiration. It is very effective against memory disorders. It preserves both physical and spiritual impairments.

HématiteHematite : Hematite helps to be in tune with yourself and identify what is wrong. It helps us to develop our patience. Effective for varicose veins and for all circulatory disorders, it promotes healing and stimulates the rebuilding of the blood and cells.

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It strengthens the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys. Hematite has requinquants and stress medication effects. It soothes, relaxes, purifies and energizes.

LabradoriteLabradorite : The labradorite is a protective stone that acts as a shield against mental pollution and other inharmonious energies. It also has self-healing abilities by stimulating potential gifts of everyone.

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It stimulates the imagination, strengthens intuition and mediumship and amplifies the gift to please others while promoting friendship.

Lapis LazuliLapis lazuli : The Sumerian associated the blue of lapis lazuli to the celeste vault making the “stone of stone” a godsend and made it a cult. Symbol of happiness and harmony, stone of love and friendship, the Lapis Lazuli creates around its owner an aura of tenderness and sympathy.

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It helps us to better assimilate our repressions. It removes our sorrows, our anxieties and blockages in the field of emotions. Lapis lazuli fight against hair loss and gives healthy hair. It relieves fever, headaches, ear pain and depression. It stimulates the action of the lungs and eyes. It is particularly recommended for all nervous people on witch it has a very effective calming action. It provides good sleep and develops intuition.

NacreNacre : With its milky color it would have maternal and protective properties. It gently protects against aggressions of the external environment and brings peace and serenity. It drains the body by stimulating the circulation of the water.

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Very reassuring, it protects from evil influences and promotes the charm and touch.


Pearl : Very sweet and very pure it is the stone of sincerity that reveal our own faults so that we can correct them. It is very effective against sore stomachs and ulcers mainly. It also strengthens the nerves and adrenal glands thereby reducing anxieties and giving more initiative.

Lire la suite

You have to give it love and carry often, otherwise it may die.

Quartz roseRose quartz : It is the favorite stone of the chakra of heart, it is the manifestation of love and brings softness and tenderness. Effective against depression, it heals the most painful emotional wounds, the deepest heartaches.

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It also promotes the proper functioning of the heart, circulation and blood vessels, and quiet emotionality by regulating the production of adrenaline. It helps to find a restful sleep.

Quartz rutileRutile Quartz : This is a very important physical stimulant, it is very effective in the regeneration of tissues, problems of the respiratory tract and lungs. Fortifying the brain, it is very useful for seizures and balance disorders.

Lire la suite

It also allows to trace the suppressed feelings by expressing them to break free.

SodaliteSodalite : It strengthens the thyroid and treats many of the affections of the throat. It is excellent for hyper tense and nervous people, it will reassure and lighten their reactions to stressful emotional situations.

Lire la suite

It will allow you to find the peaceful sleep of the baby. It also clarifies the mind by reinforcing the spirit of deduction and amplifying the logical sense.

TurquoiseTurquoise : The turquoise is considered as a stone of life and good fortune. It is a good regulator of the nervous system, it relieves respiratory diseases and strengthens the immune system.

Lire la suite

Very effective against bacterial infections of any type, it will fight against poisoning by activating blood oxygenation. Also very useful in case of tear ligaments or tendons. It has a good influence on stress and restores joy to the sad and depressed people. It protects against accidents, the evil eye and negative energies, and promotes discernment.

Source : Propriétés énergétiques des pierres et des cristaux. Tome 1.  De J.M. Garnier.  Editions A.C.V

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