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  • Bib necklace Infinity


    Wonderful bib necklace Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver.Enhance your neckline with a touch of glamor and delicacy, charm and seduction asset !

  • Blue adjustable necklace Far away


    Adjustable necklace made of a thin 925 sterling silver chain, attached on one side by a stem of 4mm lapis lazuli and crystal rock beads with hematite washers, to a silver ring with a silver leaf and a cotton pompon and on the other side by a pendant made of a 10mm and 4mm lapis lazuli pearls, a 4mm crystal rock pearl…

  • Blue bracelet Etrier


    Blue bracelet Etrier in suedine with lapis lazuli and silver.To be wrap 3 turns around wrist. 

  • Blue bracelet Faith


    Blue bracelet Faith in lapis lazuli and crystal rock on a 925 sterling silver chain.All chic and casual elegance of urban style associated with the cross, spiritual symbol of love.  

  • Blue earrings Far away


    Silver hook earrings mounted on a silver ring with silver leaf and heart pendants, a cotton pompom and a 8mm lapis lazuli bead.Length: 7.5 cm approx.

  • Blue earrings Satellite


    Blue earrings Satellite in 925 sterling silver and lapis lazuli.All the purity and fineness of these loops at your ears

  • blue necklace to tie Etrier


    Long blue necklace to tie Etrier in lapis lazuli, crystal cracked rock and sterling silver on suede.To be wrapped once around the neck or be worn casually as a belt over a dress or pantsfor a trendy look. 

  • Blue rosary necklace Faith


    Blue rosary necklace Faith in lapis lazuli, white agate and crystal rock with a silver cross on a 925 sterling silver chain. Discreet and elegant, this rosary revisits his classic and adopts a casual chic urban look deeply feminine.

  • Bracelet Infinity


    Bracelet Infinity ultrathin with lapis lazuli and sterling silver.A must have to wear around the wrist for a delicate feminine look.For other sizes, please contact us.

  • Bracelet Isis


    Bracelet Isis in sterling silver and lapis lazuli.A bracelet all in seduction for a trendy and ultra feminine look.

  • Chain earrings Infinity


    Thin and fine long chain earrings Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver chain.The finesse and delicacy combined for a feminine and sexy effect.

  • Choker necklace Infinity


    Thin and fine choker necklace Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver.Discreet and feminine this is the necklace you need to wear every day for a seductive delicacy.

  • Hoop earrings Infinity


    Hoop earrings Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver.A note of charm, finesse and delicacy for a sexy and feminine look

  • Long blue necklace Far away


    Long necklace composed of a silver ring pendant from which are hanging a silver plated heart, feather and medal, a cotton pompon and a stem decorated with 4mm lapis lazuli and crystal rock beads, an Indian 925 sterling silver pearl and silver plated washers. The chain is in 925 sterling silver with a 6mm lapis lazuli pearl and a…

  • Long blue rosary necklace Faith


    Long blue rosary necklace in lapis lazuli and crystal rock with a 925 sterling silver cross on a 925 sterling silver chain.A chic and stylish necklace for a trendy and urban look.

  • Long necklace Infinity


    Long necklace Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver.Ultra feminine and elegant to wear on all occasions 

  • Necklace Infinity


    Thin and fine necklace Infinity in lapis lazuli and sterling silver.A poetic note for an ultra feminine romantic allure.

  • Necklace Nephtys


    Necklace Nephthys in sterling silver and lapis lazuli.Fine and delicate, it will dress up any look with a touch of femininity and elegance.