The adventurous style


The adventurous allows her mind to let go, which was not appreciated at the time for women …
Women since the mid-19th century brought down taboos, traveled the world to discover distant cultures, took risks, faced a resolutely masculine world …

Real adventurers exploring the unknown with the means of the time.
The greatest explorer Amelia Earhardt, long ago embodies those dreams … she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air.

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“The great adventurers are not only the courtesans: they are conquerors from a new type appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century. Women who wanted to be geographers, botanists, ethnologists – in short, fully-fledged explorers. They have conquered the world from east to west and from north to south, well prim, that their virtue is nothing suspected, their tightly laced corset “” They have conquered the world. “- The great adventurers 1850 -1950, Arthaud.

To stay feminine and distinguished, she decorates her outfits with simple jewelry, the adventurous prefers original and unique jewelry full of freedom and daring, such as handmade jewelry, asymmetrical, adorned with colorful tassels, silvery reeds and links in suede, a mixture of materials that reflects its exoticism …

Tips to carry Natacha AUDIER jewelry on Women Adventurous :

The adventurous prefers natural materials and its comfort, cotton, linen… she is environmentally friendly. She wears jeans of all kinds for comfort and practicality to go about her activities, but also strong and trendy pieces such as boots and leather boots, bikers or riders. Boat or slightly rounded collars, leather or jeans jackets, for a simple or stylish trip, she wear sand shades, camel or white mixed with earth colors (ocher, red, brown), with accessories such as a hat, turban, the tote bags, baskets or leather bag, essentially favoring timeless pieces.

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